Weather Forecast

Mount Lemmon, Arizona is a big place and many areas will have slightly different weather. That said, here in Summerhaven, we have Mt. Lemmon’s primary community. We are constantly being called about local weather conditions. In an effort to help the public, we are posting this page to help.

If you do come to visit us in Summerhaven, please be aware that we are the only store and ATM for 30 miles. The link below is the page for the National Weather forecast for Scout Camp (QSLA3) / Summerhaven.

General Store & Gift Shop
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No matter the weather, weve got you covered

If It's Cold

We carry a wide variety of Warm Clothes, Drinks, Sleds, Gloves, Food, and Firewood.

If It's Hot

We carry a wide variety of Cool Clothes, Cold Drinks, Food, Capming ad Fishing Supplies.

If It's in-between

We are a General Store so we have you covered for all the other stuff too.