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About The Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop

Welcome to the Mt. Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop, home of our famous delicious fudge. On our website, you can find our store hours, location, and phone number  (at the bottom). We are also pleased to share some of the history of Mt. Lemmon and the people who have lived here.

In an effort to be of service to visitors, we provide a wealth of information here to facilitate planning your trip up the mountain as well as any last-minute items you may need. We get many calls asking about the road conditions and the weather so we have provided the current local weather and we have a webcam so you can see for yourself how things look up here. Here is the Road Conditions Hotline phone number (520) 351-3351, this number will tell you if the Mt. Lemmon Highway is closed.

We usually have lots of visitors since here in Summerhaven we are normally 25-30 degrees cooler than Tucson.

We proudly to offer a wide variety of items to help you enjoy your visit

We have Camping Supplies

Tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, tarps, charcoal, lighter fluid, various repair items for tents and camping in general, fishing supplies and poles, hatchets, hammers, axes, ropes, bungees, lanyards and hooks, flashlights and lanterns, stoves and grills, marshmallows and s'more supplies, and the list goes on.
We Outfit

We have Gifts

Necklaces, many animal figurines, Mt Lemmon souvenirs of all types, mugs and glasses, bowls, many types of apparel, T-shirts/sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, gloves and hats, collectors rocks, blankets, picture and figure art, books and maps, kids toys and novelties, games, postcards, Mt. Lemmon stickers and magnets and much much more.

We have Food

Deli sandwiches and meals, Ice, coffee, Ice cream, hot chocolate, hot dogs, sandwich fixings, chips, beef jerky, the basics like milk, fruit, veggies, sliced cheese, butter, eggs, bacon, and many specialty items. We also carry all sorts of drinks: soda, tea's, Gatorade, fruit juices, Monster, Red Bull, many beers, a selection of wines, and even Champagne.