Welcome to the Mt. Lemmon
General Store & Gift Shop

Here you can find:
...our hours
...our location
...our phone number
...and Fudge

In an effort to be of service to visitors, we provide a wealth of information here to facilitate planning your trip up the mountain. We carry most things you might need.

As a full-featured General Store, we provide many community services.  We track road conditions and the weather along with 4 webcams so you can see conditions for yourself.

We absolutely love to have visitors. You’ll be delighted by our wide range of products, from necessities to luxuries.  Since it is normally 30 degrees cooler than Tucson up here, come up and cool down. We can’t wait to meet you.

Only ATM for 30 miles
Need A Gift Item?
Hot Chocolate Available
Camping Gear Available
We Have Fresh Homemade Fudge
New Line of Mt. Lemmon Bumper Stickers

We take our role as the Mt. Lemmon General Store seriously

We are the only store for 30 miles here in Summerhaven. You can find the nearest  ATM right in our store. 

We have batteries, lanterns, a wide variety of cold food, ingredients for hot food, warm drinks, cold drinks, snacks and camping supplies. We carry firewood and everything you need for S’mores. Need tools? We have those too. We carry just about anything you need to repair your tent or camping gear, cabin or car.

Mt. Lemmon News

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Video 1 of 2 Leanne Mack, Manager at Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop in Summerhaven makes Good Morning Arizona, Channel 3 in Phoenix! Watch the first video here!

Video 2 of 2 Second segment of Good Morning Arizona!! Watch the 2nd video segment here!

Camp Ground Status

• Rose Canyon, Whitetail, and Spencer Campgrounds are open for the season.
• Molino Basin Campground (
Mile Post 5.5) and Gordon Hirabayashi Campground (Prison Camp, Mile Post 7) are closed for Summer.

Road Conditions

The back road to Mt Lemmon (Control Road) is now open.  Please check with the forest service for road conditions and hazards.

Pima County Road Condition Hotline (520) 547-7510

* The General Store DOES NOT have emergency gas.

Stacey Robles
Stacey Robles
18:04 11 Jun 19
Must try the fudge!!! So many flavors. Really nice store with lots of gift options. Very reasonably priced. The ladies at the register where friendly and helpful.read more
Ben S
Ben S
05:38 02 Jun 19
This place has everything. I had the fudge they sell a few years back and wasn't impressed. Tried it again just to see if it changed and it was a tremendous improvement. It is now the most over-the-top fudge I have ever had.read more
Gustafsson Eric
Gustafsson Eric
23:02 25 May 19
They have a ton of stuff from souvenirs to the best fudge in Arizona! It's a little pricey but it's worth it when you're 9,000 feet in elevation and you need some beers or other sundries. The employees are courteous and helpful so there won't be any confusion when looking for something interesting in the shop. Such a beautiful place!read more
Tiffany Lachuta
Tiffany Lachuta
07:59 02 May 19
One of our new favourite stops in Tucson and Arizona as a whole! The homemade fudge is the best we'd ever had, and we bought some really unique souvenirs there including 4 great new penny press coins. Absolutely worth the stop (or driving up the mountain just to get some of that Rocky Road or pecan fudge)!read more
Neeper Black
Neeper Black
00:02 14 Feb 19
They pretty much have everything. If you forgot it, they have it. You're gonna pay a few cents more, but well worth it. Support Mt lemmon biz if you want it to be nice for years to come. Gorgeous building, GREAT fudge. Nice trinkets for kids, wife. I enjoy sitting on the wooden porch on the side and eating my treats. Coffee. beer, wine, and everything else you'd need if you ran out of whatever! Friendly staffread more
De UberWise
De UberWise
18:27 28 Jan 19
Okay, so some of this stuff you can get on Amazon. However, you can also get it up in Summer Haven after having a beautiful drive up the mountain side. The main thing is that they have all kinds of souvenirs and camping supplies. Everything is reasonably priced and make pretty cool gifts. I got a lot of my family some hand painted sandstone coasters. Sure they are on Amazon too, and they are the same price (minus shipping to your door if you don't have prime.) Still, I think some of the value is obtained when you took the time to drive up the mountain to hand pick out the gift in person. Then again, you can just take your friends and family up the mountain for some sight seeing and to spend a day relaxing and then they can buy it themselves. Hard to beat, "I got this at the top of the mountain there in Tucson!"read more
Desert Duck
Desert Duck
00:38 17 Dec 18
Lots of kitschy junk but the fudge is good and there is a decent selection of locally sourced odds and ends.
Stoney Schaffer
Stoney Schaffer
00:57 03 Dec 18
Cute place to stop at the top of Mt Lemmon. Nice gifts and treats. They have emergency gas if you run out.
Balakarthik Venkataramanan
Balakarthik Venkataramanan
01:13 02 Dec 18
Good place to show some basic items and gifts. They have a wide variety of fudges and we bought quite a few and loved it.read more
Christie I Delgado
Christie I Delgado
06:03 29 Oct 18
They have soooo many cool trinkets for the mountain lover, and also they have whatever you might have left in town that now you need for your campsite. Small but very handy. Good place. They sell homemade fudge!read more
David ONeill
David ONeill
02:11 24 Oct 18
Teri is amazing! I lost my Mt. Lemmon money clip and I was able to order two of them from the Mt. Lemmon General store - one identical to the clip I bought 10+ years ago, and a new and improved. Teri shipped them to me at cost. Awesome!read more
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