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Welcome to the Mt. Lemmon
General Store & Gift Shop

Here you can find:
...our hours
...our location
...our phone number
...and Fudge

In an effort to be of service to visitors, we provide a wealth of information here to facilitate planning your trip up the mountain. We carry most things you might need.

As a full-featured General Store, we provide many community services.  We track road conditions and the weather along with 4 webcams so you can see conditions for yourself.

We absolutely love to have visitors. You’ll be delighted by our wide range of products, from necessities to luxuries.  Since it is normally 30 degrees cooler than Tucson up here, come up and cool down. We can’t wait to meet you.

Only ATM for 30 miles
Need A Gift Item?
Hot Chocolate Available
Camping Gear Available
We Have Fresh Homemade Fudge
New Line of Mt. Lemmon Bumper Stickers

We take our role as the Mt. Lemmon General Store seriously

We are the only store for 30 miles here in Summerhaven. You can find the nearest  ATM right in our store. 

We have batteries, lanterns, a wide variety of cold food, ingredients for hot food, warm drinks, cold drinks, snacks and camping supplies. We carry firewood and everything you need for S’mores. Need tools? We have those too. We carry just about anything you need to repair your tent or camping gear, cabin or car.

Mt. Lemmon Informative Video's

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Mt Lemmon Hwy, information and things to do.

The back road, Control Rd, from Oracle to Summerhaven.  

Campground Status

Please call the Coronado National  Forest for information at (520) 388-8300

• Rose Canyon, Spencer Canyon Campground, Molino Basin and Gordon Hirabayashi Campground.

Road Conditions

The back road from Oracle to Mt Lemmon (Control Road) is closed from December 15 through March 15 (or longer depending on conditions).  Please check with the forest service for road conditions and hazards.

For Mt Lemmon Highway call the Pima County Road Condition Hotline (520) 351-3351

* The General Store DOES NOT have emergency gas.